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The Vitalist

Ellen Barrett

The other day, I heard a word and knew it was special: vitalist. A vitalist is someone who believes energy is what it’s all about, and therefore wants to optimize it. A vitalist seeks vitality – he or she is an “energy snob” so to speak, but in the best way. It’s important to know that we can conjure up more vitality, not always but very very often. Here are five big vitality boosters: 1. the consumption of high...

Feel Good Flow – now streaming

Feel Good Flow

I was just talking about how I like to get creative with naming workouts and here I come out with a “boring” title that’s not all that exciting, and seems a bit generic. I know, I know….but the workout told me its name. The workout was adamant it be called FEEL GOOD FLOW. All the other names (“Barre Flow” was a frontrunner) were shot down by this workout’s incessant whispers I couldn’t drown out.  Feel Good...

Whole Self Thriving

Let's Move Ellen Barrett

More and more I see the reciprocity between the body and the mind. Let’s face it – exercise gives us a leg up in life. It’s a well-being tool, not merely about physical health. I heard the term recently, whole self thriving, and just love it. That’s how I feel about exercise – it’s whole self thriving – and that’s probably why I prioritize it. So let’s all prioritize regular exercise. Let’s Move! and let’s thrive. 💚

Instant Results

Let's Move! Ellen Barrett

One of the best things about exercising is that there are instant results. Maybe it’s standing taller. Maybe it’s feeling stronger. Maybe it’s being more embodied. Whatever the instant results are, we usually don’t pay much attention to them. We move on with our day, and often don’t take a single moment to acknowledge the positive shifts that might have occurred.  Yoga classes do have that moment, and it’s usually immediately following Shavasana, right before class ends....

Breath & Body

Ellen Barrett Breath & Body

Way back, as a teenager in the late eighties, I was so spiritually pumped up by, and physically invigorated by, aerobics class. Aerobics was sort of like my lower middle class, upstate New York, suburban version of a southern baptist church service, energizing to body and soul. Movement has become more sophisticated now, but at its root, it’s still about energy. Never forget – energy is at the root.  It’s important to remember this about exercise – especially these days, where there are so many “fancy” options....


Ellen Barrett Let's Move!

You go house hunting, and upon walking into a dream home that’s up for sale,  you have so much enthusiasm for it, you can’t contain yourself. You love this house. You want this house. It’s the one! BUT, then your spouse whispers to you something like, “Shhhh….play it cool. Tone it down,” because the realtor is watching. This scenario is truly painful for me not just because I’m bad at playing it cool, but because repressing enthusiasm feels...

Nurture the Green

It’s the summer of green, and I’m here for it! First, because of so much rain in Northeastern USA, my environment is super lush and all you see is overgrown green foliage. Second, I’ve been wearing green – all different shades – and really rockin’ it (or at least I think so). And third, I’m eating (and growing!) lots of high vibe green foods…hope you are too. In Hindu, green represents peace and nature.  In...

Call Me Crazy

Yes, movement is movement, and we certainly have signature moves here at LET’S MOVE!, but there are three underlying signature components that are woven into every workout. They make a huge difference to our overall well-being, and I think they are worth highlighting:  There’s no knit picking. Nothing ever has to be perfect. The only thing I want to see is a mind/body connection. I don’t care if you can’t point your toes much, and no worries if...

Prevention Is the Cure

Ellen Barrett "Prevention is the cure"

While getting my car serviced last week, I saw a “startling” set of tires that were just taken off a vehicle. These tires were unevenly worn out – obviously so, even to my untrained eye – they skewed so much to one side, they no longer had a cleanly circular shape. The service mechanic referred to their state as dangerous asymmetry. I thought, aha, that’s a great term…and it doesn’t just apply to tires. When it comes...

The Big Five

The Big Five by Ellen Barrett

If you ask a little kid to imitate an old person, they stereotypically do two things: 1. they hunch forward, contracting their front body, and 2. they make their movements smaller and tighter. If you ask a little kid to imitate someone really cold, as if enduring a winter storm, they stereotypically do two things: 1. they hunch forward, contracting their front body, and 2. they make their movements smaller and tighter. The only difference...

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