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Promoting Right Action 💫

Ellen Barrett Mindful Movement

The more grounded you are, the more present you are, and the more present you are the less reactive you are.  Reactive behavior is usually not in anyone’s best interest. Some examples include, reactively running to the kitchen and eating a tub of ice cream after a stressful phone call, or reactively shouting obscenities at someone for cutting you off in traffic. Lately in the news, there has been a tremendous amount of reactive behavior on planes! Dare...

My Anti-Procrastination Technique

Ellen Barrett "The Barrett Blog"

You’ve probably heard the saying, “If you want something done, ask a busy person.”  I have found this to be a thousand percent true. It’s true for me personally and for people I work with. As a personal trainer, the clients that never cancel are ironically the one’s with the fullest plate. At the root of this, it’s because the busy person has a tight schedule and he or she intends to keep it. There’s no time for procrastination. Kids procrastinate...

Major Motivation 💫

Ellen Barrett Let's Move!

Being fit always helps. Whatever your career or your lifestyle, having mobility, agility, strength, flexibility, and endurance is always an asset. It’s never not a good thing!  The hair stylist with his/her washing, brushing and blow drying, requires quite a bit of arm and wrist strength. The librarian has to climb ladders and crouch down to the lower shelves requiring agility. The preschool teacher goes up and down onto the floor all day requiring mobility. The waiter hustles all over...

I Had to Make an Executive Decision 😉

Ellen Barrett Quick Core Fusion

Classic Cardio was the plan, but I had to scrap that plan as I was not proud of the workout. Sorry to disappoint you all – I’ve lost sleep over this, and usually with editing, videos are fix-able. I feel that this one is not. Perhaps, we’ll re-shoot it with different music and in a different set in the future because the “bones” of the workout are solid, but at this time it’s just not the right energy for (As...

The Unsung Hero of Movement

Ellen Barrett Blog

Moving on land is a three step deal – first we ground, then we center, then we lift.We get so good at moving that often, these three steps go unnoticed or happen mili-seconds apart, seemingly simultaneously. However, grounding always comes first and lifting is always the result. Grounding is foundational. Lifting is the end game. So what’s in the middle? Your core!  Core strength is so darn valuable. Your core is working every time you stand up or sit up or walk or...

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