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You’ve Got the Power (& Balance)

Ellen Barrett Power & Balance

A new workout just arrived on Ellen Barrett Let’s Move! called Power & Balance. It’s a 30minute Ballet-inspired strengthening experience with lots of grounding, core connection and stability challenge. We filmed in a new location and I’m happy to report, Amy and Krystal joined me again, so you’ll see their smiling faces throughout class.  Power is more than just strength. Power is strength integrated. Power is the entire universe of your body working as one, and it hinges on two things: 1. accessing strength and...

Like Attracts Like

Ellen Barrett Blog

Wherever I’ve lived, I have always, always found workout buddies. I’ve found people to hike with, to take group exercise classes with, and even to run 5k or 10k road races with. It goes way back – as a grade school kid, I found kids that wanted to ride bikes and play tag with me too.  I’ve come to see the act of connecting with workout buddies as a crucial first step. It’s foundational. Having people that encourage exercise,...

The Biggest Game Changer of All

The Barrett Blog

Can movement create confidence? Can movement remedy anxiety? Can movement eradicate stress? To tell you the truth, I don’t know. What I do know is that everyone has ups and downs. Life is not always sunny. Things shake us up. Movement doesn’t change those outside “things” but it does one very significant thing to our inside state – it brings us back to the body. Anxiety, stress and low confidence happen in our heads. They are thinking....

Bye Bye Back Pain

Ellen Barrett Fit Tip

I’d like to start this blog post by saying this: back pain is cure-able, and no one should have to live with it. If a doctor, trainer or therapist tells you the opposite, find another doctor, trainer or therapist!  Your body wants you to feel good and it’s always striving for balance. Pain is a signal of imbalance and it’s your body’s way of telling you to change in some way, maybe in diet, maybe...

Go Get ‘Em!

The Barrett Blog

The affirmation of the upcoming week on our inspiration board is: ‘I’m up for the challenge.” This is a very powerful affirmation and applies perfectly to fitness. As a trainer, whenever I hear someone say it, I get psyched. It means that individual has a winning mindset and the possibilities for her are endless.  Many many people quit before they start and it has nothing to do with reality. It’s only because their self-talk snuffed out their dream...

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