What’s “The Best” Workout?

I want to go way back to the day I met Pilates. It was in the mid-nineties and at the time I was fully invested in the workout world, teaching aerobics classes. These classes were all standing, lots of jumping, double knotting sneakers, and moving fast, like a tiger was chasing you. Pilates Mat couldn’t have been more opposite.

First off, in Pilates we left our shoes at the door. This was revolutionary to me. I always loved going barefoot and now I was encouraged to do so. Secondly, we started lying down. (OMG, what?!?!) And third, we moved at a snail’s pace and took a lot of time to make sure alignment and tracking was on fleek. 

Pilates showed me that “the rules” were optional. It showed me that outside-the-box is as rewarding and beneficial as inside it (or maybe more so). It showed me exercise is really a vast frontier and there’s more than one way of going about it. 

I love aerobics. I love Pilates. I love it all! Why? Because you and I have different needs all the time. Some days we need a cardio push, and other days we need concentrated sculpt. Some days we need deep breathing to calms us down, and other days we need a dance party to lift us up. The question to ask yourself everyday is: what’s best for my body today?

Over the years, I’ve been asked, “What’s the best workout?” Well, there is one workout that is “the best” – it’s the one your body is jonesing for right now. So what’s it going to be todayYour best workout awaits.
xo Ellen