FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Free Trial

When subscribing to ellenbarrett.com, you will receive a free 7-day period where you can cancel at any time without any costs.  After the 7-day free trial period has concluded, regular subscription rates will apply.

Canceling or Re-subscribing

You may cancel and reactivate your subscription at any time.  You can do so in your My Account section under Subscriptions.


You can change your payment type at any time in your My Account section.  In this account area, you can also change your billing address if necessary.We are adding a new workout each month! We are also adding video fit tips and/or interviews each month, so pretty much every two weeks something new is uploaded onto to ellenbarrett.com.


We aim to add a new workout each month! We also aim to add video fit tips and/or interviews each month, so pretty much every two weeks something new and exclusive is uploaded onto to the site. 

Video Playback Issues

Frequent Buffering or Freezes During Playback

Frequent buffering can occur when the viewer’s internet bandwidth does not support playback of the selected video quality. Try switching to “Auto” in the quality menu (the default), if available. If “auto” is not available, switch to one of the lower quality options by selecting the gear icon on the player.

Dropped Frames During Playback

Dropped frames can occur if your machine/device’s processing is unable to keep up with the video data that’s being transferred.  If your system cannot process higher quality of video, frames of video may be skipped, which can cause audio to become out of sync as well. This tends to happen most when multiple programs are running while viewing a video. Try closing unused applications or browser tabs and/or update your browser and graphics card.

Still Having Trouble?

We use Vimeo as our video hosting and streaming platform.  You can try other troubleshooting options on their help center.

Thanks for visiting our FAQ page.