Five-Star Fusion With Ellen Barrett

New Video Workout: Five-Star Fusion

It’s a Pilates, yoga, barre, old school calisthenics, and breath-work extravaganza!  Build all over strength and suppleness in this 45minute, mostly standing, fluid and non-stop workout. A “sticky” yoga mat is all the equipment you’ll need. Barefoot is best. This video will begin streaming on Let’s Move! by Thursday, March 23, 2023.

Gentle Sculpt With Ellen Barrett

New Video Workout: Gentle Sculpt

“Easy on the knees?” “Yes, please!” Low-impact, all standing with no squats, lunges or deep knee bending, this 20minute sculpt class is total body strengthening using ‘up energy” and light hand held weights ( 2-5lbs each). Barefoot is best. This video will begin streaming on Let’s Move! on Sunday, February 5th by 9am EST.

The Let's Move! 10 Day Challenge With Ellen Barrett

The Let’s Move! 10 Day Challenge 🌟

Join us for a solid block of can-do, high vibe energy, where we move well and stay positive for 10 consecutive days. I’ll guide you! Each day, you’ll receive an email from Ellen with a suggested “Let’s Move!” workout, a hot wellness tip, and encouraging words.  The window of time leading up to the holidays can be rough. We can easily get thrown off course. The intention of our Let’s Move! 10 Day Challenge is to...

Ellen Barrett's Focused Flow

New Video Workout: Focused Flow

“Where attention goes, energy flows” is the motto of this invigorating 20minute yoga fusion class  All you’ll need is a “sticky” yoga mat. Barefoot is highly recommended.* This video will appear on Let’s Move! by 9am EST on November 21, 2022.

Ellen Barrett "Wellness is a Journey"

Wellness is a Journey

Fitness is a self-help tool for authentic wellness. The goal is wellness. Or another way of looking at it is, the destination is wellness. And you and I are never not on a journey towards wellness. We never get to the top of the wellness mountain and stick a flag in it and say, “Done!” If you’re breathing, you’re journeying!  Remember when Oprah showcased her dramatic weight loss on her talkshow? She even wheeled out...

Open Up

Open Up

Strength is major. Cardio endurance is major. But you know what is often an unsung hero when it comes to longevity? Mobility. Joints that go big. Movements that flow. Freedom in every physical action. These types of things are hard to measure, and they might not be obvious at first glance, but when you experience a high level of mobility first hand, in your own body, it’s one of the best confidence boosters. You feel capable,...

The Secret

Energy begets energy. What gives you energy? We often think our “fuel” is food, and that is true of course, but in a more esoteric sense, breathe, sleep, water, certain people and events, and the right kind of movement all give us energy. They all give back.  All movement is not created equal. I mentioned “the right kind of movement” not just “movement” because some movement depletes us. Some movement takes away. What’s the difference? It’ll vary...

The energy of right now

The Energy of Right Now

I went on my usual sunrise dog walk this am and I slowed it down a bit and meandered, really taking in the energy of right now. The leaves have almost completely left the trees. The farmers have harvested their last crop of hay. I hear the geese on the move overhead.  My favorite purple and yellow wildflowers are no longer sprinkled into the landscape. It smells like November. These observations don’t make me happy...

The Barrett Blog

it’s In Your DNA

Many of the conveniences of modern life have made our range of motion smaller, our muscles weaker, and our cardiovascular capability reduced. We have garage door openers, drive-thru’s, and escalators. As the late great Anne Marie Benstrom said, “Do you know how much effort it takes to churn butter? No, you don’t!”  It is no coincidence that the rise of the fitness industry coincides with the rise of modern conveniences. Society had to add intentional...

Ellen Barrett

It’s Always Mental & Physical

It’s very early in the morning as I type out this newsletter, and my house is totally still. The dogs and I are in my office with only one salt lamp turned on behind me. It’s orange glow gives me just enough light. It’s cozy and calm all around. I feel grounded and centered. And while I’m not pumping iron or breaking a sweat, I do consider my morning time a big part of my...