New Video Workout: Full Body Blast

Kick things off with15minutes of low-impact true-blue cardio, flow into 15minutes of strength training, and conclude with 15minutes of dynamic stretching. It’s 45minutes of head-to-toe invigoration. Light hand held weights or wrist weights (1-5lbs each) and a “sticky” yoga mat are recommended. Shoes are optional.  This video will appear on Ellen Barrett’s Let’s Move! streaming membership by 9am EST on Monday, September 26, 2022. 

Barre Cardio With Ellen Barrett

New Video Workout: Barre Cardio

Point, flex, extend and bend….it’s a 30minute, uptempo, barre-inspired cardio class – perfect for breaking a sweat and strengthening the core. No equipment necessary. Barefoot is best. *The video will appear on Ellen Barrett “Let’s Move” by 9amEST Monday, June 13, 2022.


Your Immune System on Exercise

There is significant scientific evidence that suggests exercise done right increases immunity.  (Emphasis on “done right” meaning not too intense, yet not too mild. For me, 30-45minutes where my breathing gets slightly challenged and I break a sweat, is ideal.) I have no doubt that exercise has helped strengthen my own immune system, and the immune systems of my family members and clients. Also, ask any doctor, this is common knowledge in the medical world and believed...

Ellen Barrett Align & Shine

New Video Workout: Align & Shine

Here’s a 20minute mindful fusion class that places a strong emphasis on ideal alignment, proper form and back mobility and strength. It’s a perfect workout for creating confident body language and for increasing energy. A “sticky” yoga mat is all the equipment you’ll need. Barefoot is best. * The video will appear on Ellen Barrett “Let’s Move” by 9am EST Monday, May 16, 2022.

Standing Stretch With Ellen Barrett

New Video Workout: Standing Stretch

A calm demeanor, a supple spine and A+ mobility,…. that’s what we’re after in  this 15minute mindful, flexibility-focused class. No equipment necessary. Barefoot is best. *This video will appear on Ellen Barrett’s LET’S MOVE by 9amEST on April 18, 2022.

Workout Hygge

Workout Hygge

Today is a cold and gloomy spring day, and I just brought a cup of hot tea with me to my mat. I’m after TLC. My cup of tea, my sheepskin rug, my leg warmers, and my cute yoga mat with my name on it…they are my very own workout hygge. “Hygge” is a Danish word for a quality of coziness that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being. I was craving Hygge, and voilà – my at-home...

Ellen Barrett "The Barrett Blog"

If Not Here, Where?

One of the biggest things I’m working on personally this year is not living with the feeling of “I’ve got to be somewhere else” or “I’ve got a million things to do.” Our society really celebrates busy-ness and rushing around, and women especially are expected to go-go-go with to-do lists galore. I bought into this for years, but now I see it for what it is: a lack of being present. You and I can accomplish just...

Ellen Barrett Mindful Movement

Promoting Right Action 💫

The more grounded you are, the more present you are, and the more present you are the less reactive you are.  Reactive behavior is usually not in anyone’s best interest. Some examples include, reactively running to the kitchen and eating a tub of ice cream after a stressful phone call, or reactively shouting obscenities at someone for cutting you off in traffic. Lately in the news, there has been a tremendous amount of reactive behavior on planes! Dare...

Peptalk for 2022

It’s time to set the tone for 2022. First, you can do it. You are incredibly capable and the possibilities are endless. Second, you have everything you need to achieve your dreams. You are enough already, as is. Three, good things come to those who keep their eye on the prize and persist. Keep going and know you are on your way.  This applies to fitness and wellness, as well as to life at large. Tune out...

Ellen Barrett "Let's Move!"

Basking in Empowered Wellness

I keep hearing people use age as an excuse for lack of mobility, lack of physical fitness, or pain in their bodiy, saying things like, “I’m too old to sit cross-legged on the floor,” or  “Running is out of the question at my age,” or “Everyone in their 50’s has a bad back.”  My message today is don’t blame age. That’s not to say challenges don’t come with age – it’s just that age is unchangeable. Age is what it is...