The Most Ignored Beauty Treatment There Ever Was

I just listened to a podcast discussion between a celebrity stylist and a magazine editor. The topic was beauty tips. The entire 90minute show was spent discussing skincare creams and potions, eye masks and exfoliants. Beauty, according to these two women, seems to be all about maintaining youthful skin with products.

Look, I like a good serum as much as the next person, and it’s true what they say – hydrated and nourished skin looks and feels really great. I”m all for taking care of skin, but you know what is really great for your skin? Exercise. You know what’s the biggest skincare beauty tip of them all? EXERCISE!!

Exercise increases oxygen levels in your body, and that includes the skin. Skin looks – and is – more alive from exercise. And it’s not just the skin on your face that’s benefiting, it’s all over. Show me someone who exercises regularly, and I guarantee their skin is better for it.

I pondered this podcast for a few days, and wondered why I was, for lack of a better word, annoyed by it. It really irked me that they never once mentioned exercise, but I realized I am more irked by their misguided idea of what real beauty, of the physical kind, is. Physical beauty isn’t youth, it’s health. Actually, beauty is a byproduct of health.

Not knocking skincare products here…just speaking up for exercise, the most ignored beauty treatment there ever was. So the next time you set out for a walk, take a Pilates class, or dance around your living room, be extra motivated in knowing, you’re doing a great thing for your health…and your skin. 🤗