You’re in Training

‘Tis the season for parent-teacher conferences and while there is a Zoom option, I really like having them the old fashioned way, in-person. It’s nice to sit face to face with each teacher, in each classroom. 

The conferences are set up like this: parents are booked for 10minutes with each teacher, and then there’s five minutes between each appointment to travel from classroom to classroom.  We follow the same order as the child does in a typical day, so I went from algebra to physics to world history, etc. My big take-away? Life is physical.

In order to get to each classroom on time, I had to high tail it! And just think, my son does this everyday while carrying a heavy backpack. A certain level of fitness is necessary just to meet the demands of life. Have you ever had a gate change for a flight at Atlanta’s airport? Have you ever had to assemble a bed frame from Ikea? Paint the ceiling? Chase after a runaway dog? 

Our workouts help us meet the physical demands of life. Essentially, we are training for life. There are a myriad other reasons for working out, but be sure to remember fitness is, first and foremost, for life. 

And doesn’t it feel good to have a can-do physique? I can catch that flight at its new gate. I can assemble that awkward bed frame. I can paint the ceiling and I can chase after the dog. I’m fond of saying exercise pays us back with interest, and this is a perfect illustration of that. 

If you are struggling to find motivation when it comes to regularly working out, remember this: athlete or not, you’re in training. You’re preparing for whatever you come across, stumble upon, or arrive at, in life.