Optimism is Optimal

I bet you have a pessimistic friend or family member. This is a person who tends to think about the worse case scenario, or perhaps they offer a negative comment here and there. Sometimes this person is super funny and pessimism is part of their humor. They crack you up and their words are benign to your psyche. Other times, this person is bad for your health. (Not kidding!)

I’ve recently distanced myself from a pessimistic person. Her negativity got too tough for me to be around, and I felt bad about myself and my life after being with her. For instance, I was telling her I had quit drinking caffeine, and she replied, “Oh, that won’t last.”  

Now, I’m a grown woman and her words are not the end of the world, but did they help? Did they encourage? Did they leave me feeling inspired and capable? No, no and no. 

When we think about de-cluttering, we tend to assume it’s physical stuff, like a worn out pair of sneakers or a broken lamp, but how about de-cluttering pessimistic people?

I have a theory that regular exercise leads to more optimism, so if you have people in your life not working out regularly when you are, a gap eventually emerges. You are flying higher and higher, while they stay on a lower frequency.  Beware, take note, and pay attention to how people make you feel. Pessimism creeps up on us and is highly contagious.

Remember, before any bicep curl, squat, or downward facing dog, there’s a voice within saying, “I can do it” and “it’s going be great.”  No one should squelch this voice, but if they do? They’re gonzo! 

Optimism is dwelling in the positive and the potential, and I don’t just think – I know – it’s foundational to empowered wellness. Stick with the optimists!

✨ Let’s Move!