If You’re Moving, You’re Detoxifying

“Detox” is a buzzword that’s been buzzing for a long time. Some might think it means some sort of drug rehab. Others may think it’s a serious liver cleanse. However, “detox” should be part of our everyday. It simply means getting rid of unwanted stuff, and you know what?  If you’re exercising, you’re detoxifying.

Here’s how: 
1. Exhalation 
Every exhale is detoxifying. The amount of inhaled air contains (approximately) 21% of oxygen and 0.04% of carbon dioxide, while the air we breathe out contains 16.4% of oxygen and 4.4% of carbon dioxide. Basically, we get oxygen-fied more and more with each breath. I’m very sure we can all exhale out unwanted emotion and muscle tension too.
2. Spine Twisting
Almost every core organ, like the colon, kidneys, spleen, liver and gallbladder, get squeezed when we twist. This wringing action moves stuff out. Stagnation in the core region can be attribute to a sluggish digestive tract, menstrual cycle, lymphatic system, and more. No fun! Twisting, any which way, can offer immediate relief.  
3. Sweating
Your sweat isn’t just water. It’s also ammonia (from breaking down amino acids), urea (a waste product), and excess salts and sugar. You want this stuff out of your body. Exercising raises one’s core temperature, and sweating ensues to prevent us from overheating. The detox part is a bonus benefit. (Truly genius, right? Thanks to whoever designed this human body…it’s amazing!)

In summary, get in motionDaily exercise is a form of daily detox. It keeps your body cleaner, leaner, lighter and brighter.

Let’s Move! 🤗