One & Done!

New Video Workout: One & Done

We’re using a single handheld weight for an especially organized (& mindful!) 30minute sculpt session, where symmetry, alignment and unique ranges of motion are in the spotlight. One 3-5lb weight and a “sticky” yoga mat are needed. Barefoot is best! * The video will begin streaming on “Let’s Move! on July 17th by 9am EST.

Mood Boosting Cardio With Ellen Barrett

New Video Workout: Mood Boosting Cardio

Quick (15minutes!), low-impact and easy to follow, this workout aims to increase your heart rate and improve your mood, fast. No equipment necessary. Shoes are optional. * The video will debut on Let’s Move! on June 14, 2023 by 9amEST.

Express Barre With Ellen Barrett

New Video Workout: Express Barre

We’re delivering an elegant head-to-toe Ballet conditioning workout in just 20minutes, so kick of your shoes, stand tall and let’s move! Barefoot is best. * This video will debut on Let’s Move! on May 19, 2023 by 9amEST

Ellen Barrett Fresh Yoga

New Video Workout: Fresh Yoga

Mindfully flow from one move to the next, opening, strengthening and invigorating without irritation in this 30minute moderately paced vinyasa class. A “sticky” yoga mat is all you need. Barefoot is best.This workout will debut on Let’s Move! on April 21, 2023 by 9amEST.

Ten Toes In Ellen Barrett Blog

Ten Toes In

Every once in a while an athlete really catches my eye, and without knowing any of their legendary plays or stats, I’ll ask, “Hey, who’s that?” I tend to hone in on body language, form, breathing, and other things like that. Not knowing much about the sport helps me look beyond the sport and simply see the art of the athlete.  One such athlete – a true artist – is a football player on the Kansas...

Ellen Barrett "let's move!"

Tap Into Truth

Ever since I read, “The body is a sacred garment. It’s your first and last garment. It’s what you enter life in and what you depart life with, and it should be treated with honor,” I’ve been intrigued with Martha Graham, the famous American dancer/choreographer (and the author of the quote). I just learned that Martha Graham created not just dances, but also her very own, very specific, body conditioning method. I’d describe it as...

Pale Blue _ Ellen Barrett

Creating Confidence

I live in rural Connecticut these days and when I have to go into New York City, I drive in. I’ve gotten really good at driving into the hubbub of Manhattan, and I know all the ways in and out. I even know the best parking strategies. The repetition of going in and out of the city month after month, year after year, has given me a keen sense of awareness, and has strengthened my...

Go on the Offensive

I really do pay attention to things and I am a bit worried about the state of health in the US. There is a lot of chronic conditions and chronic pain, and so many people, women especially, go from doctor to doctor seeking help to no avail. From what I’ve gathered, the ones that tend to break out of the never ending doctor visit-to-doctor visit cycle, go on the offensive by doing these three things:  ...

The Let's Move! 10 Day Challenge With Ellen Barrett

The Let’s Move! 10 Day Challenge 🌟

Join us for a solid block of can-do, high vibe energy, where we move well and stay positive for 10 consecutive days. I’ll guide you! Each day, you’ll receive an email from Ellen with a suggested “Let’s Move!” workout, a hot wellness tip, and encouraging words.  The window of time leading up to the holidays can be rough. We can easily get thrown off course. The intention of our Let’s Move! 10 Day Challenge is to...

The energy of right now

The Energy of Right Now

I went on my usual sunrise dog walk this am and I slowed it down a bit and meandered, really taking in the energy of right now. The leaves have almost completely left the trees. The farmers have harvested their last crop of hay. I hear the geese on the move overhead.  My favorite purple and yellow wildflowers are no longer sprinkled into the landscape. It smells like November. These observations don’t make me happy...