Barre Cardio With Ellen Barrett

New Video Workout: Barre Cardio

Point, flex, extend and bend….it’s a 30minute, uptempo, barre-inspired cardio class – perfect for breaking a sweat and strengthening the core. No equipment necessary. Barefoot is best. *The video will appear on Ellen Barrett “Let’s Move” by 9amEST Monday, June 13, 2022.

Ellen Barrett Align & Shine

New Video Workout: Align & Shine

Here’s a 20minute mindful fusion class that places a strong emphasis on ideal alignment, proper form and back mobility and strength. It’s a perfect workout for creating confident body language and for increasing energy. A “sticky” yoga mat is all the equipment you’ll need. Barefoot is best. * The video will appear on Ellen Barrett “Let’s Move” by 9am EST Monday, May 16, 2022.

Just Move It

If you’ve followed my instagram story lately, you might have noticed I have a new puppy. Bridget is a 4month old black Labrador. While puppies are a ton of work (and cause a bit of chaos in your home), it’s been a total delight “raising” Ms.Bridget.  All caretakers of children and puppies know 1. you learn by doing and 2. you gotta start somewhere! When a toddler started walking, they first stand up, then balance without holding onto anything, then they take step, then two.  It’s...

Standing Stretch With Ellen Barrett

Not Just Stretch…Standing Stretch 💫

A new release called Standing Stretch on Let’s Move has arrived, and it’s short and sweet, ultra grounding, a bit flow-y, and subtly choreographed. By standing up, the act of stretching has an innate balance challenge, which enhances core engagement and muscular integration. What does this mean? It means the stretch will be less passive and more dynamic. The transformation happens with stretch. Cardio is crucial as is strength training, and everything needs everything else, but the stretch is when the energetics change for the...

Ellen Barrett "Your Sun is Rising"

Your Sun is Rising

I probably would not watch NCAA basketball March Madness if not for my husband and son, but with that said, I am enjoying it. I tend to notice things that my family does not pay much attention to, and one of those things is enthusiasm. The players, the coaches and the fan are all so into it. Witnessing such a high level of enthusiasm is exhilarating in and of itself, and I think it is contagious!  It got me...

Ellen Barrett Four Elements Flow

What Is Four Elements Flow?

What the heck is Four Elements Flow? That’s what my husband asked when he read the name of the newest video workout on It’s a good question…allow me to explain.  Four Elements Flow is a 45minute fusion low-impact cardio workout where instead of focusing on cardio, strength and stretch, it brings awareness to air, water, fire and earth. The workout fuses yoga, barre and Pilates in a seamless, all standing, flow.   Why divert attention from the usual...

Ellen Barrett

Strengthen & Lengthen

Stretch is as important as strength.  One is not more important than the other. They take equal billing – in fact, stretch and strength need each other.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…one without the other turns the body into a hot mess! Here’s the breakdown: When strength is in greater proportion to flexibility, the body is a ticking time bomb. Any little movement could reek havoc, tearing muscles and taxing joints. Mobility is limited and...

The Barrett Blog

The Biggest Game Changer of All

Can movement create confidence? Can movement remedy anxiety? Can movement eradicate stress? To tell you the truth, I don’t know. What I do know is that everyone has ups and downs. Life is not always sunny. Things shake us up. Movement doesn’t change those outside “things” but it does one very significant thing to our inside state – it brings us back to the body. Anxiety, stress and low confidence happen in our heads. They are thinking....

Ellen Barrett Fusion Fitness

Outside-The-Box Is In

We step out of bed, walk to the kitchen where the countertop height provides total ease, and where we don’t have to stretch or strain in the slightest to pour ourselves a glass of water.  We then position ourselves in a car or a bus or train where we find another comfortable sitting position, then many of us find a desk next where we sit some more. We walk between locations, but leisurely walking is still...