Three Things To Know About Epic Barre

Kick off your shoes and grab a chair, it’s EPIC BARRE time! Yes, our newest video workout has arrived and the peppy pace, the concentrated moves, and the core galore make for a truly epic, 45minute, cardio sculpt experience. 

There are three things I want to quickly mention about EPIC BARRE
1. We don’t sit down all that much in this workout! In my mind, when I decided on the cover pic, I thought the photo illustrated a unique “pose,” adding a little variety to the catalog of workout thumbnails, but it is sort of false advertisement…sorry! 
2. It was very important to me to have parallel and turned out stances in equal proportion. Parallel can feel awkward in barre class – if it does, don’t fret, you’re doing it right. 
3. Just about any chair without wheels or armrests will do. You can use a kitchen countertop, a wall and even a sturdy side of a stationary bike too. When it comes to the seated part towards the end, you could use a stability ball and up the challenge level. 

Keep moving and enjoy your workout!