“Express Barre” is Here

There’s a new workout and its goal is truly effective, feel-good fitness. Express Barre is mindful and graceful – just 20minutes delivers a head-to-toe Ballet conditioning workout. In honor of our newest workout, I thought it’d be nice to share the five signature components of a barre class: 

  1. Barre classes incorporate a turnout. They do parallel too, but the turn out is prominent and that’s because the spine can stay upright more easily with a turnout and diagonal angles can be reaches with a turnout. 
  2. Barre classes promote great posture. All mind/body fitness workouts do this but barre does it with flair. There is no need to sacrifice posture for a workout – none, nada, zilch! And you know what? Great posture is great looking and great feeling because it helps energy flow.
  3. Barre classes create space in the body. That means stretching muscles but it also means lengthening and reaching and opening. Space in the body helps energy flow too! 
  4. Barre classes integrate muscles. You can target a spot, but you will never isolate it…as I like to say, “the universe of your body is one.” All mind/body fitness workouts do this but barre does it with repetitions and rhythm. Ultimately, integration leads to higher function, better symmetry, and increased mobility….so it’s a very good thing.
  5. Barre classes (as opposed to most Pilates and yoga classes) do not dilly dally or nitpick – they get you moving and get the job done. I love love love this about barre – you don’t have to be perfect, just get your head in the game and let’s go. 

So there you have it folks, Barre in a nutshell. Don’t worry – it’s not Ballet, but rather Ballet conditioning (big difference). Be sure to give Express Barre a try this week (today!), and experience these five signature components for yourself.