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10Day Kickstart with Ellen

Exercise tells your cells that you are alive. – Suzanne Somers “I’m so busy” is something I used to say a lot, but I stopped using it as a go-to statement whenever anyone asked me how I was doing. I’m really not that busy. I mean, I get 8 hours of sleep at night, and I have plenty of time to walk my dog, pack my son’s lunch, and water my plants. The truth is, “There is so much I...


10Day Kickstart with Ellen

God gave me a great body, and it’s my dutyto take care of it.– Jean-Claude Van Damme Have you ever been up close to a deer running wild in the woods? The way the deer moves is sheer elegance. She’s agile and light, and has precision and ease in motion that’s quite breath-taking. The muscles and joints of her body are coordinated, like a symphony. Your body wants to move in symphony too. Your body prefers unity over isolation. In fact, isolation is...


10Day Kickstart with Ellen

Today is your day!Your mountain is waiting,So… get on your way! – Dr. Seuss Self-awareness means mind/body connection. It’s paying attention to your whole self and its needs. Moving mindfully is a great way to bring in self-awareness because it puts your own attention on the mechanics of moving, and then of the sensations surrounding what that entails come oozing forth. (What a concept!) Self-awareness is lacking in our culture, and that’s because there are so many distractions. it seems, everyone...

What’s in My Bag?

Ellen Barrett What's in my bag?

There’s a brand new video fit tip on Ellen Barrett Mindful Movement and this one may be the most outside-the-box yet. It’s literally what’s in my daily go-to bag. I’m a working woman on the run and you’ll see I am very practical and my bag is very functional.  A few initial comments I received upon posting this were: 1. you don’t carry food or snacks? Nope. I’m not a snacker. 2. What about a change of clothing? I usually do go home...

What Is Four Elements Flow?

Ellen Barrett Four Elements Flow

What the heck is Four Elements Flow? That’s what my husband asked when he read the name of the newest video workout on It’s a good question…allow me to explain.  Four Elements Flow is a 45minute fusion low-impact cardio workout where instead of focusing on cardio, strength and stretch, it brings awareness to air, water, fire and earth. The workout fuses yoga, barre and Pilates in a seamless, all standing, flow.   Why divert attention from the usual...

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