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La Luna Bella

La Luna Bella Blog Post

Did you see that full moon last night? It was simply gorgeous – so big and bright. As I was basking in the moonlight, I felt lots of cosmic love. I know that might sound strange, but the moon is my homegirl, and we go way back.  Yes, I’m one of those people who go on midnight hikes on full moon nights and celebrate the new moon with my own intention setting ritual. Even as a young child, I was hypnotized...

Let’s Take A Walk

Ellen Barrett Walk With Weights

Originally – way way back – the idea for this workout came from emails from you. Many people wanted a longer walking workout, so my first working title was “Long Walk” but my 11-year-old son put the kibosh on that saying, “That is way too basic.” The next working title was “Endurance Walk” which I held onto for a few months but never really loved. I finally settled on Walk With Weights because after describing the workout to someone I said,...

Shake It Off

The Barrett Blog "Shake It Off"

Fear gets lodged in the heart center, smack dab in the middle of our lungs. It tightens and constricts. It makes our breath shallow and rolls our shoulders forward. Prolonged fear literally stops us in our tracks. I am usually not a fearful person and I definitely try to steer clear of fear-mongering, but I honestly haven’t been able to completely avoid it in 2020. It’s at the grocery store, on the cover of Time...

A Miracle Cure

Ellen Barrett Breathing Awareness

Every week, I teach yoga to a group teenagers. I adore them and class is never boring. After over five years, I’ve learned to expect the energy of this group to be one of two things: hyper and unfocused OR lethargic and low-energy.  You’d think different energies would require different teaching strategies, but actually I ‘treat” these energies the same. I simply bring their attention to their breath. Sounds unremarkable, right? Yet, I’m finding breathing...


You"ve Got Class!

The last big video shoot we had for Ellen Barrett Mindful Movement was February 24, 2020. Who knew that craziness would ensue so soon after that day? By Mid-March 2020, life as we knew it was turned upside down.  All summer long, I plotted my next video shoot and prayed everyone involved stayed healthy and prayed our government wouldn’t close down production. I prayed the weather (and the power!) would cooperate too. Well, my prayers...

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