Focus on Function

Did you know there’s a chain of gyms called Fitness For Life? (I think it’s the best name ever…says it all!) Well, fitness is for life, for a good, capable, high quality life.

Mud doesn’t stop me from taking my two labrador retrievers on a hike. Sometimes I think it should, as the clean up required post-hike is urgent, physically demanding, a little gross, time consuming, and not fun!

At any rate, here’s how it typically goes: I get the dog towels ready, as well as the dog loofa, the soap and their special container of baking soda (really helps with the smell!). I bring one dog at a time into the bath tub. I straddle the dog, stoop over them, and vigorously scrub every inch of their fur. I rinse thoroughly, remove them from the bathtub and towel them dry using force and speed (and at least two towels). I repeat the process with dog #2. I then scoop up all the dirty and wet stuff, from leashes and collars, to wet towels and my own clothing that got caught in the mix, and bring it directly into washing machine (without passing Go or collecting $200!). The last step is returning to the tub and its surrounding area, and cleaning that up, usually with a eco-spray and dish rags. I just did this entire routine this morning at 7:30am, and timed it. The cleaning up process for two labradors took me 26minutes door to door. 

Why do I mention this? Because thanks to all my mindful movement training, I have the strength, mobility, balance, endurance, and mind/body connection to accomplish this not-so-fun task with (mostly) ease. I don’t have to hire someone. I don’t have to wait around for my husband to do it. I don’t have to leave my dogs out in the yard, “marinating” in the mud. And you know, my life is better for it. 

Sometimes we get caught up in weight loss goals or our reflection in the mirror, and forget functionI propose for April we focus on function. Let’s notice it, celebrate it, and be motivated by it. I’ve got clean dogs right now thanks to my level of functionality my fitness habits have brought me. What has fitness help you do today? Whatever it is, acknowledge it, and perhaps pat yourself on the back for it.  A+ in functionality, thanks to working out

Happy April!Let’s Move! 🤗