Health. Care.

It was a big “aha” moment when I realized movement is actual medicine. When we twist and bend our spines during exercise, we energize our core organs. Yes, our kidneys, liver, and spleen, to name a few, get space to circulate and a fresh batch of blood flow, helping them function more optionally.  We’re trained to see medicine as some sort of substance that comes from a doctor’s order, a pill or sophisticated medical treatment we need our insurance for, but we can “administer” doses of medicine to ourselves preventatively and curatively, all on our own. I find this to be very motivating, don’t you?

Most people begin exercising for weight release, to simply look better, or to be stronger,  but I find most people with a fitness lifestyle exercise because it truly is feel good medicine. The other stuff, like toned arms and a trim waist, are glorious side effects, but the real “meat and potatoes” is the health care. When we fully comprehend – and know first hand – how great daily movement is for our overall health, improving our quality of life, we’re never not going to do it.

 People either 1. come and go from fitness, or 2.  make it their way of life. From what I see, the main difference between these two groups is intimately knowing that movement gives us more than the surface stuff. It’s self- administered health care, so let’s make fitness our lifestyle…and Let’s Move!  🤗