Low and Slow

There are year-long courses on breathing and whole books written on breathing. There are breathing specialists and hundreds of breathing studies currently going on around the world. Breathing is a big deal and when it comes to quality of living, society is seemingly getting hip to the vital role it can play.

But if you are like me, and you “breathe just fine,” then breathing is super boring. At least that’s how I viewed breathing for most of my life. Alas, my eyes have opened!  1. All breathing is not created equal. 2. Breathing is a total game-changer for mood, energy level and mental clarity.  3. Breathing well offers immediate results.

Today, if you have a free moment, I want you to hone in on your regular everyday breathing and notice, do you breathe like one of your parents? What I know for sure is, we “inherit” our breathing patterns. A nervous, uptight, worried family member, might have impressed upon your breathing. Analyze and adjust accordingly. 

Also, I’d like for you to use this simple breathing mantra: low and slow. Just reading/saying/thinking the words will improve your breathing, instantly. Breathe low and slow, and presto! This breathing mantra can be applied when we are working out and outside of our workouts too. 

Did you know the Sanskrit word for breathing is “pranayama” which translates as life force exercise? Breathe is life. Your first fuel is air. Breathing is nutrition. Let’s Move! and let’s be all-star breathers today and everyday. 🤗