FengShui For Your Force Field

Energy Reset is 15minutes of breath and flow that induces a sort of reiki effect, or like Feng Shui for your force field. Creating it and releasing in on December 21st was completely intentional. (Solstice Blessing to one and all, BTW.) For the longest time, I’ve wanted to create something like this, something that’s simple and is all about vibe –Energy Reset is it.

This teeny workout is all standing, completely low-impact, moderately paced and is not about muscles or bones or balance, or anything you can see with your eyes. Rather, it’s about your energy and your awareness that you can manipulate it. You can encapsulate yourself in a cocoon of high vibes, and exude peace, love and self-respect. This cocoon ultimately materializes into goodness. High and low vibes can’t co-exist. So watch, when your vibe gets higher, you eat with less reactivity, sleep more soundly, and move more invigoratedly. Energy precedes action, and then action creates reality.  The longer I live the more I care about the unseen! 

And rest assured tribe – we get back to muscles, bones and body in January’s new video workout release, with a big and bold workout, Powerhouse Cardio (see description below).