Compassion Not Comparison

There’s a quote/affirmation that is thrown around a lot in the self-help world and it goes something like, “There’s no competition because no one else is me.” I remember hearing it long ago and liking its concept, but moving on from it without much thought. Lately however, I’ve revisited this notion, and think it’s a super valuable mindset, mainly because it’ll help prevent any sort of self-esteem weakening comparisons.  

Another quote/affirmation that I’ve honed in on recently is, “Happiness is an inside job.” So true, right? If external circumstances were a key to happiness, the rich and famous would live on cloud nine! 

I bring these two quotes up because I think they play a big part in empowered wellness, and hold a significant place in my kind of movement, mindful movement.One of the biggest differences between mindful movement and traditional fitness is that mindful movement promotes a sense of compassion for one’s self. It’s not sport, and there’s no heirarchy. There’s only you trying to be the best version of you. Mindful movement is a haven, a safe space. Comparison doesn’t fit in. 

As you wrap up 2023, and you review the year you’ve had, be sure to look back with compassion not comparison. And as you start to welcome 2024, look ahead with compassion not comparison. It is happier! After all, nobody else is you.

Now Let’s Move!, party people…time to feel good, look great and shine bright. 🤗