Do the Work or Step into the flow?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, do the work is fine to say, but I prefer step into the flow. There are no shortcuts to empowered wellness, so by all means, do the work, but when you re-frame all the necessary effort as alignment, there’s an ease and a grace underlying our action steps. Wellness becomes more easily sustainable and less dogmatic. We really should all be asking ourselves, “How do I step into the flow?”

  • Step #1 – get tuned into how you are feeling right now. Are you restless? Are you stressed? Are you fatigued? Are you uninspired? If so, you’re not in the flow. Are you energized? Peaceful? Enthused about your day? Sounds aligned to me! Remember, we are dynamic beings, changing from hour to hour. Also remember, there is no wrong answer. You just have to know what being out ofalignment, verses in the flow, feels like. (Mobility. Longevity. Energy. Optimism. Balance. Capability. These are attributes of empowered wellness. They are felt and experienced from a first person point of view, as is stepping into the flow.)
  • Step #2 – decide to feel authentically good, and don’t take no for an answer. You want to have great energy and all the things. Feeling good is the big goal, everything else sprouts up from there. 
  • Step #3 – take the reins. Nothing outside of you has to magically appear. No person or thing can come around to save you. You’re in charge of you, so don’t wait or waiver. “If it’s gonna be, it’s up to me.” After all, it’s not just wellness, it’s empowered wellness!

Tune in  ✔️
Set “the” goal (feeling good) ✔️
Take charge ✔️
123….that’s the formula for stepping into the flow – or doing the work – call it whatever you’d like. It is where you’ll find me in 2024 and beyond. Now, Let’s Move! 🤗