Zoom Out

Way back in 2000, I was living in Los Angeles and driving all over the city for work. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time in my car. My car was littered with coffee cups, takeout containers and granola bar wrappers. I think I consumed 80percent of my meals in that Jeep Cherokee! For my resolution that year, I averred: I’m not going to eat in the car. I was disgusted with myself and I thought this resolution was vital to upleveling my life. 

I made it four days, and threw in the towel. Why? Because the resolution didn’t take into consideration the reality of LA traffic, or that in order to get from point A to point B on time, I’d have to multitask eating and driving. Sure, the car was not an ideal place to eat, but it was all I had. 

I dig resolutions but they should have some give. They shouldn’t be all or nothing. They should be zoomed way out, big picture. They should see the forest through the trees. 

Here are three zoomed out resolutions examples:

  •  “In 2024, I’m doing what I can to stay as grounded and present as possible.”
  • “In 2024, I’ll slow down and deepen my breath whenever I find myself anxious or stressed.”
  • “In 2024, I’m taking as many nature walks as possible.”

See how “resolution failure” is less likely this way? It”s because it offers flexibility and a broad view, and takes individual circumstances into account. Have a vision for your future self. See yourself feeling good, looking great and shining brightly…and resolve to stay empowered. This looks different every day. On Tuesday, it may mean working out hard, or going to be early. On Wednesday, it may be eating in your car. 

Happy New Year!
2024…the year of continued empowered wellness. 
  Let’s Move! 🤗