It’d be in your best interest to have this mindset

There is an empowered wellness mindset, and it is as important as the movement portion of wellness (or maybe more so) because, to paraphrase Joseph Pilate, “The mind is the master behind the movement.”  There are three big overarching pillars to the empowered wellness mindset – three things, that when I see them in other people, I just know they’ll achieve their goals and shine brightly. Here they are, accompanied by a simple self-talk affirmation: 

A “can-do” attitude
I can do it.
Many people, especially those just starting off on a fitness program, get psyched out quickly. The are intimidated by something, be it the clientele at a yoga studio, a mean-looking trainer, or a heavy kettlebell. The ones with an empowered wellness mindset might feel some trepidation but then whisper to themselves, I can do it….and they do. 

I’m thankful to be alive and to have this body. 
You might have ailments, and your knee might ache, but by golly you have a body and that, no matter what state it is in, is a glorious thing. The empowered wellness mindset means having gratitude for the opportunity to move, for the time to move, for the air to breathe, etc. And you know, I think gratitude gives us a bolt of energy too.

No Competition 
My best self is my goal.
Wellness is not a sport or a race and there is no need to compare or contrast yourself to other people. You do you, and keep your eyes on yourself. When I find a person who is way too caught up in how other people look or live, it’s a red flag, and never ends well. The empowered wellness mindset is knowing we all progress on our own timeline, and we all have strengths and weakness, as well as advantages and disadvantages, so we just have to focus on ourselves. What anybody else is doing is irrelevant.

Adopting the three pillars might just be the best ever action step, because having an empowered wellness mindset transcends your wellness life, and actually permeates your whole life. In my upcoming workshop in Arizona, Movement & Mindset, we’ll dive deeper into this topic, join us (it’s in-person only). Remember, you can do itBe grateful.And there is no competition because nobody else is you. 🤗