Empowerment Is Inevitable

Empowerment Is Inevitable
Because it is so easy to feel disempowered today, I am obsessed with helping you stay empowered. I actually obsess over it! I’ve complied the five big ways we can use exercise to boost our sense of empowerment. These five things help us look, feel and function great, and the best part? We’re in charge. Yes, you and I can work on them ourselves, nothing standing in our way. Here they are:

  1. Good posture – fancy cars don’t impress me. Fancy clothes don’t impress me. Great posture? That impresses me, so work on sitting and standing tall and constantly align your bones. 
  2. Smiling – smiling lights up the world and your face, and it tones the facial muscles. 
  3. Good balance – balance is a total unsung hero of looking great and functionally optimally. Core connection is key.
  4. Body awareness – other words for this are grace or athleticism, but whatever you call it, it’s gorgeous. Every time you mindfully move, you increase your sense of body awareness (#fact). 
  5. Mobility – mobility, especially in older people, is stunningly attractive. When I spy someone with generous ranges of motion, I stare hard and can’t help but feel extra inspired. Stretch your muscles, and lubricate your joints and do what I like to say, stay open

Almost all kinds of exercise promote these five big things, but exercise that’s 1.done daily and 2. with movement variety, fast tracks them, and empowerment is inevitable. (Lots to smile about.)  Let’s Move!