What’s Your Why?

Sometimes we lose track of the why. Why are we working out? Why are we spending time, money and energy on fitness? Why? 

There is no right or wrong why. Your why can be to manage weight or boost mood. It can be to be better at your job or safer at a sport. It can be to keep up with your kids or to look good. Many of us have multiple why’s, and for most of us the why keeps evolving. Perhaps, what was once more about the physical appearance is now more about energetics and spirit.

The only true problem with why is when we don’t remember why. When, day in and day out, our workout is autopilot-ed, and we’re like zombie’s going through the motions.

Most aspects of life have a clearly defined why.
“I go to work because of money.”
“I mow the lawn to keep my yard neat.”
“I grocery shop to feed my family.”

Workouts are very very voluntary. For most of us, they have to be vied for, planned out, and added to an already full plate. This is why the why is vitally important. You’re going above and beyond – it’s good to know why. 

What’s your why?