August, Here We Come!

I spent a good chunk of my childhood playing tennis and had a slew of coaches. “Play the ball” was one of my all time favorite coaching tips. It basically meant, don’t worry about your opponent across the net – focus on hitting your best shot. Another memorable coaching tip was when I was very intimidated playing a top seed on their home turf and there was a big local crowd watching. My coach very calmly said, “Hey, this is your court too.” 

I love the coaching sound bite, and the best coaches are all about mindset. They get their players into the ideal frame of mind…the ideal frame of mind for winning, but for also doing their best. 

A new month lay spread before us and the coach in me wants you to make the most of it. Wake up each day with excitement. There is glory in putting in the effort. Decide, today, to go for it.


August is yours for the taking. 😉