Health. Care.

The biggest beef I have with what’s going on in healthcare today is this: we seem to have forgotten the body’s brilliance. “They” want us to forget. The more we forget our self-healing potential, the less empowered we are, and the less empowered we are, the more dependent we become. 

1. Never ever discuss nature’s remedies. Sunshine, fresh air, movement, nutritious food, meditation, love, laughter – these are potent medicines, they seem to ignore.
2. Always discourage. Pour on the fear. Be a total buzzkill.
3. Never ever feed the spirit. In fact, leave spirit out of the equation! 

So you know what you and I should do for empowerment? THE EXACT OPPOSITE! Let’s start with remembering our ancestors and how they knew how to stay alive. You and I are living proof.

And let’s wake up and take the reins. Help each other eat more fruits and veggies. Motivate each other to move more. Set yourself and your family up for more fresh air and natural light. Hug each other. Laugh together. This is what empowered wellness looks like. This is healthcare.  Let’s go!