Step One: Settle In

My niece is finally 16, and she’s obtained her driver’s permit. I’ve been taking her out driving and she’s really getting the hang of it. My biggest driving tip, which I said early on, I’ve really hammered home, and I keep repeating, is:  

Be sure to get settled in the car before you put it in drive and head down the road. 

That translates as not rushing, perhaps taking some deep breaths, making sure the seat, mirrors, temp are feeling right, and then assessing the surroundings, noticing where you are. So simple, so attainable, right?

Well, it applies to fitness too!

“Be grounded” or “be present” or “be mindful” is fitness speak, all in the same vein. Getting settled helps with everything, from cooking in your kitchen to taking a test in school. It’s about getting our attention on ourselves in the moment and is precisely what a good warm-up should help us accomplish with our workouts. 

But…if it’s so simple and attainable, why is it so elusive? Oh, the dreaded terms “absent-minded” or “distracted” or “all-over-the-place” can be the norm, especially with teenagers. Why? Because, it’s so easy, these days, to splay our attention. Our focus is rarely singular and rarely on ourselves. 

So let this post serve as a reminder to settle in by focusing on the task at hand.Whether it’s driving a car or working out, give your undivided attention to yourself, here and now. And, use your workout as an opportunity to practice your focus. 

Everything is better with focus.