Feel Good Flow – now streaming

I was just talking about how I like to get creative with naming workouts and here I come out with a “boring” title that’s not all that exciting, and seems a bit generic. I know, I know….but the workout told me its name. The workout was adamant it be called FEEL GOOD FLOW. All the other names (“Barre Flow” was a frontrunner) were shot down by this workout’s incessant whispers I couldn’t drown out. 

Feel Good Flow has a duel meaning. First, doing the actual workout should literally feel good, and it should flow. It’s non-stop and non-irritating. Secondly, and I’d say even more importantly, let’s start a new trend. How about we make our primary fitness goal be feeling good?  Have you noticed, we’re not all that encouraged to feel good. We’re encouraged to gain function and to look good, but only the wise souls of the world – one’s who might have been through a time of ill-health  – know that feeling good is the ultimate. It’s the ultimate, and it precedes looking good and functionality. Feeling good is foundational! 

When you’ve got energy and strength and great posture and you’re breathing easy and you’re inhabiting your body fully and your mobility is on fleek….I mean, it’s a delight, and it’s certainly something to strive for. I hope you strive for it, attain it and sustain it. It is so so possible when we move mindfully, so be sure to give Feel Good Flow a try this week – Let’s Move!