The Vitalist

The other day, I heard a word and knew it was special: vitalist. A vitalist is someone who believes energy is what it’s all about, and therefore wants to optimize it. A vitalist seeks vitality – he or she is an “energy snob” so to speak, but in the best way.

It’s important to know that we can conjure up more vitality, not always but very very often. Here are five big vitality boosters: 1. the consumption of high quality food, 2. engaging in mindful movement, 3. staying sufficiently hydrated, 4. resting and relaxing, 5. experiencing love and laughter.

Good news, right? You and I are the captains of our vitality ships! 

I can spot a vitalist a mile away, because they aren’t caught up in numbers, nor are they stuck in their heads. Vitalists are in a feeling state, and they are guided from within. They reap three big rewards by putting their focus on their energy: 1. Age becomes irrelevant, 2.  Many versions of beauty present themselves, all of them true, and 3. Confidence and optimism become the status quo.  

So let’s go! Let’s Move! And let’s all be vitalists, for life! ⚡️