Deal of the Century

You want to know what the most neglected, underrated, and underestimated aspect of physical fitness is? Extension. In most people’s daily life – and in their workouts – the body stays in its tiny little box, never busting out. Overtime, ranges of motion get smaller and smaller, and the body’s comfort zone shrinks. In turn, the body is easily uncomfortable. 

Don’t be an average Joe! Take this call to action: be sure to stretch. Stretching can be done anywhere. It can be done in your PJs. It can be a few big whole body yawns or it can be skipping the sofa and sitting on the living room floor instead. Around midday, I’m quite fond of holding a long forward fold, where I bend down and touch my toes, as getting into this shape energizes my lower back and limbers up my hamstrings. 

Stretching has an energizing effect. It releases tension and opens the body to life force flow. Stretching is a great way to unite mind to body, and really embody yourself. Stretching gives off a youthful vibe – let’s be like those toddler’s and easily sit in hero’s pose for hours on end! 

When you realize how amazingly stretch pays you back, it’s the deal of the century, so extend. Go beyond the norm. Prioritize stretch, and do it with gusto. There’s several workouts in Let’s Move! dedicated to stretch, like Standing StretchSunrise StretchSunset StretchStretch360, and Yoga Mat WorkA big comfort zone awaits!