Come On….Impress Me!

Would you consider yourself limber? I bet most of you would, because you see how good it feels and how functional it is. But you know what? You’re a unicorn. Limber is not the norm. When I’m out and about in the world, i see the opposite of limber. I see tight, constricted, stiff joints, especially in men. It’s a real shame because being limber is entirely up to each individual. Sure, someone might be more inclined to be bendy, stretchy and more open, but a solid level of limber is possible for everyone. You just gotta make it happen!

The saying “use it or lose it” comes to mind. We are what we repeatedly do. If you regularly get into big ranges of motion, stretch your muscles, and keep chronic tension at bay, limber will be your middle name. If you keep it small, ignore stretching, and accumulate tension day after day, ut-oh will be your middle name. Struggle with getting to the floor? Ut-oh.  Can’t tie a shoe from a standing position? Ut-oh. Agony when squeezing into that compact car’s backseat? Ut-oh.

Diamonds don’t impress me. Fancy cars don’t impress me. You want to know what impresses me? Being limber! It’s an unsung hero of feeling good, plus it isn’t all that hard to do. Let’s covet and prioritize it. Here are three ways to get more limber:  
1. Stay loose. Shake off tension with shoulder rolls, neck circles, alternating knee hugs and more. Get massages. Breathe away your stress. Maybe even use heating pads. 
2. Once your muscles are warm, spend time stretching ( and don’t rush!) 
3. Go big with your movements. Don’t stay small. (At Let’s Move! we go big with every workout.) One of the ways I keep my spine limber is I’ll work on my computer, lie in the sun, or read a book while lying in sphinx pose – it really counteracts slouching. 

There are many facets to wellness and sometimes we forget about the practical ones – the low hanging fruit. May this post serve as a reminder to touch your toes, soften your shoulders, slinky your spine, and stay open. A big comfort zone is where it’s at!