Ground to Crown

“Let’s go from ground to crown.”
I say the aforementioned statement a lot, especially at the onset of classes, as it covers a few bases. First, it’s a check in – how’s it going? Second, it’s grounding –  am I here, now? Third, it’s alignment – is everything in the right place?  All it is is bringing your mind’s eye to your feet and proceeding to work your way all the way up to the crown of your head. Noticing. Feeling. Learning.

We emulate one of the highest vibing things on our planet – trees – when we go from ground to crown, and it’s a very user-friendly technique. It can be done from any position, standing, seated, or lying down, and it can take as little as a few seconds. It can be done when you are wearing shoes (although it is ideal to be barefoot) or inside or outside. It can be done at any time and doesn’t require a warm-up or any sort of prep. It actually is the ultimate preparation for life, as it prepares you for all things. Have to be on your A-game for a big meeting? Ground to crown. Want to ace a school exam? Ground to crown. About to run a marathon? Ground to crown. 

Going from ground to crown is my favorite way of doing a body scan. Technology is great, and other people’s assessments are great too, but nothing beats putting one’s own attention on the self. Nothing beats it! It’s like deposits of love in your wellness bank account. So do a “ground to crown” sweep whenever, wherever. It’s a fabulous foundation to feeling good, looking great and shining bright. ✨