Three Cheers for Gentle

The idea that “gentle” is for babies or for the injured, but aside from those specific demographics, you should be embracing intensity, is still alive and well in the world today, but not in my world. In my world, gentle is sustainable, nurturing and a winning aspect of longevity. What is a gentle workout?

First, gentle might just be slower. It might just be shorter. It might just be avoiding certain ranges of motion that cause pain. Gentle doesn’t mean less effective. 

Secondly, a gentle workout is a game plan, where it’s invigoration only, no irritation allowed. Breathing is peaceful, movements flow, and a sense of happiness springs forth due to being in the present moment.

Third, a gentle workout is an expression of self-care and self-love. Even with faster and longer workouts, the idea of a punishing workout is foreign to me. You and I are not navy seals. Our goal is to feel good, look great and shine bright. That can be achieved, gently. 

So the next “gentle workout” you do, think of it as an extra loving workout, rather than an easier workout. Gentle is here to stay. In fact, I think it’s the future of fitness.🤗