The Yang Needs the Yin!

The biggest problem I come across these days in yoga classes, which I don’t remember ever seeing twenty years ago, is excessive restlessness.  There are lots of people who just cannot get settled on their mats. At the onset of class, they twitch, they breathe with irregularity, their eyes struggle with being shut or with holding a singular focus, and there is an overall inability to find a comfortable seat. This type of person used to be rare, now they are common. Plus, they used to settle in quickly – within a few minutes – but now it could take half the class. 

A lack of being present is rough when it comes to yoga. Time goes by so slowly. Movements don’t flow. Class is soooo boring. Yoga class, however, in only one hour or so. I don’t think people realize what a gargantuan disadvantage it is to not be here now, in life. There’s 23 other hours!

Excessive restlessness is just a symptom of disconnect between body and mind. It’s the mind being in one place and the body being in another place. That’s all. So getting them in the same place is all we need to do. You and I already possess the remedies: mindful movement and meditation….and perhaps throwing that damn phone in the trash (kidding, sort of 🤗).

When we think “fitness” we think action and muscles and sweat and jumping jacks. Today’s fitness is all that, plus it also include’s its flip side: stillness. Why? Because we don’t have much stillness in real life anymore.  The Yang needs’ the Yin! 

So be sure to give yourself two minutes and check out the latest video fit tip on Let’s Move! It’s short and sweet, and swiftly eradicates excessive restlessness – just what we need for a great yoga class, and just what we need for a great life!