Boss Move

Ladies, it’s our nature to ebb and flow. Our energies and moods fluctuate and our needs constantly shift. One day we’re extroverted and have loads of energy, and the next day we might need to prioritize a good nap.

In 2013, the big catalyst for writing the 28 Days Lighter Diet was my realization that our culture ignores – and rewards us when we do – one of the most important aspects of women’s health, the menstrual cycle. It dawned on me that the suppression of the menstrual cycle seriously harms us. It steals our femininity, and cuts us off from our intuition. Over time, it makes life a living hell when we go against the grain time and time again.

And even during peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause, our energies are dynamic, never static. Newsflash: you and I are not machines. We are not robots. Our workout routines need to take this into consideration. We’ve got to stay extra clued into our internal energies, and let them tell us what to do. 

There in lies the secret to feeling good, looking great and shining brightstaying clued into one’s own energies, and letting them lead the way. All of my personal heroes and role models in fitness, beauty, business, and relationships – and in life at large -have this one think in common, they are clued in! 

So keep listening to your body, and keep giving it what it needs. Honoring the tides within is a boss move. #facts 🤗