The 411 on “One&Done”

One & Done! is here and it’s a unique take on fusion sculpt as this 30minute workout uses only one handheld weight. The video is now streaming on “Let’s Move! and I sure do hope you check it out. 

Having only one weight throughout the workout puts the body, intentionally, off-balance. That 3 or 5lb asymmetry “tips the scales” so to speak, forcing the midline (the core) to engage differently in order to stay aligned. If you are someone who sits in a car or at a desk for a good chunk of each day, this workout will help your entire torso strengthen and stabilize – fabulous for good posture and back health. 

people watch often – seemingly always assessing the scene – and there are two things I see over and over again pretty much on repeat: 1. rounded shoulders, and 2. a weak core (front, side and back). These are classic side-effects of sitting too long. Lots of us have to sit for our livelihood, so the  way around it is to counteract the sittingOne & Done! is a great counteract! Or how about inserting an A.M. dog walk, a lunchtime stretch session, and an after-work workout? The body is meant to move, y’all, so Let’s Move! 

And on a side note, if you are sitting right now, self-correct – bring your shoulders back and down, zip up your abs, and upright your spine. Proper alignment goes a long way!