One & Done!

New Video Workout: One & Done

We‚Äôre using a single handheld weight for an especially organized (& mindful!) 30minute sculpt session, where symmetry, alignment and unique ranges of motion are in the spotlight. One 3-5lb weight and a “sticky” yoga mat are needed. Barefoot is best! * The video will begin streaming on “Let’s Move! on July 17th by 9am EST.

Ellen Barrett Quick Core Fusion

I Had to Make an Executive Decision ūüėČ

Classic Cardio¬†was the plan, but I had to scrap that plan as I was not proud of the workout. Sorry to¬†disappoint you all – I’ve lost sleep over this, and usually with editing, videos are fix-able. I feel that this one is not. Perhaps, we’ll re-shoot it with different music and in a¬†different set in the future¬†because the “bones” of the workout are solid, but at this time it’s just not the right energy for¬†¬†(As...

Ellen Barrett Power & Balance

You’ve Got the Power (& Balance)

A new workout just arrived on Ellen Barrett Let’s Move! called Power & Balance. It’s a 30minute Ballet-inspired strengthening experience with lots of grounding, core connection and stability challenge. We filmed in a new location and I’m happy to report, Amy and Krystal joined me again, so you’ll see their smiling faces throughout class.  Power is more than just strength. Power is strength integrated. Power is the entire universe of your body working as one, and it hinges on two things: 1. accessing strength and...

Ellen Barrett Pilates Mix

New Workout Alert! Pilates Mix Is Here!

Pilates Mix¬†is a 20minute¬†series of standing and traditional mat Pilates. It¬†is slow paced for a workout, but is actually pretty fast paced for Pilates. The routine¬†requires focus and body awareness, especially awareness of what’s¬†not¬†moving. We’ve had lots of requests for more Pilates workouts, and I really love¬†blending standing stuff with¬†mat work. Pilates Mix is not a huge calorie burner and it’s not going to “wipe you out” so to speak. It’s subtle, mindful and concentrated. It promotes symmetry and...