Instant Results

One of the best things about exercising is that there are instant results. Maybe it’s standing taller. Maybe it’s feeling stronger. Maybe it’s being more embodied. Whatever the instant results are, we usually don’t pay much attention to them. We move on with our day, and often don’t take a single moment to acknowledge the positive shifts that might have occurred. 

Yoga classes do have that moment, and it’s usually immediately following Shavasana, right before class ends. Shavasana is relaxation, and typically, students gracefully “come out of Shavasana” by wiggling fingers and toes, by putting one’s attention on the breathe, or by being guided to take note of how they feel. That’s the moment to tally up your instant results. Literally, all ya need is 10 seconds!

It’s simply a moment where you check in with/assess/scan/evaluate your whole self, post-workout – an energetic before and after. It doesn’t have to come after relaxation, and it’s not exclusive to yoga. Think of it as bringing some extra self-awareness into your workout experience. 

For instance, yesterday, after my workout, I checked in with myself and learned that that 20minutes of Pilates on my mat made me feel less pessimistic and more optimistic, so for the rest of the day my glass was half full! What a nice instant result, right?

Our workouts give us immediate gifts, and it’d be great if we paid more attention to them. So starting today, be sure to savor your instant resultsThey’re there (and they’re awesome), we just need to notice.