Ever Since 2020…

It always goes back to empowered wellness. Movement – which I think is a life-changing component – is still just one component. There are a myriad of components, big and small, obvious and not-so-obvious, from getting proper sunlight, to having solid relationships, to making sure nutrition levels are strong. So many things can contribute to a healthy life – the list really does go on and on. 

Since 2020,  I’ve become a bit of a “plant lady” and my new hobby definitely contributes to my well-being. For one, I have fresh herbs on hand for my food, my skin, my medicine cabinet, and my bath time. Two, by tuning into plants and their needs, I somehow better understand the difference between thriving and surviving in myself and in general. Three, plants help clean the air in my home, for which I will be eternally grateful. And four, simply being around them fills me with joy. 

See how plants have subtly become a component of my empowered wellness strategy? Knitting has too…and my dogs! Anything and everything that helps us feel better, care for ourselves, get into the present moment, and do healthy things is part of our empowered wellness strategy. This week, investigate your empowered wellness strategy. What are your subtler, not-so-obvious components? Cherish them and be sure to “enlist” them. When you look a little bit outside-the-box, you start to see tools for empowered wellness are everywhere.