I was recalling to my son how high school spring tennis was like for me, way back in the late eighties in New York State. First off, my teammates and I played with so many layers on. We could hardly move. Second, we often shoveled off the courts. Snow in March and April was/is very normal. Third, while other sports like baseball and softball had use of the indoor gymnasiums, my little team and I had no where to go when our courts were really wet and outside was not an option, so we played in the school hallways until our parents picked us up. 

If there’s a will, there’s a way. My teammates and I wanted to play. We needed to practice. Many of us had not picked up a racket since the previous June! Was our hallway practice as good as if we were outside on the courts? No. Was it as productive? No. Was it as fun? No. Was it better than nothing? Yes. 

Things come up. Life throws us plenty of obstacles: bad weather, work demands, family obligations, low energy levels, traffic, injuries. We all can get detoured, delayed and sidetracked but…if there’s a will, there’s a way….and something is better than nothing. Two adages that apply to exercise. Be determined but adapt to circumstances…#winningcombination. Now, Let’s Move!