You Know What’s Youthful?

When our society discusses the idea of “youthfulness” it focuses on  wrinkle-free skin or “being able to eat anything I want without gaining weight.” Something that gets overlooked (and something we truly have a lot of control over) is youthful movement. What does that look like? Well, I’ve boiled it down to two things: it’s “capable” coupled with “ease.”

Youthful movement equates to a big comfort zone.  Can you sit on the floor and play with puppies? Can you run from gate to gate to catch a flight? Can you load and unload the bags of groceries from the car? There are 20 year olds who struggle with these actions, yet my 80 year old friend can do them with glee. Dare I say…age is just a number when it comes to youthful movement? 

And it’s not rocket science either – it’s the fitness true-blues: flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and strength, all in good measure…and be sure to stretch because the flexibility component is often neglected. When we use exercise as a tool for empowered wellness, we promote youthful movement. In turn, we promote a higher quality of living, which snowballs into a sense of “I’m capable.” Boy, does that feel good! 

The moral of the story is...keep moving. That small bit of time you allocate for your workout each day, pays you back in ways you may not even realize yet.