Wow. Wow. Wow.

Radiant Health? It is not even a thought of most doctors. I feel like the bar is set really low for us. Just “getting by” health-wise or weight-wise is touted as a success. 

My dream for you is not fitness or weight loss. It is radiant health. Radiant health is feeling great and having the energy to function optimally. A 12 hour day on your feet? No problem. Life throws a curve ball? You adjust accordingly and thrive. 

There is another part of radiant health and that’s a smiling face. It’s happiness that’s not contingent on circumstance. This is only possible when we feel good in body and mind. Even now in these crazy times we are living through, “happy for no reason” is possible. Wow. Wow. Wow. 

It’s resolution season and a theme I encourage you to pursue in the year ahead is radiant healthExercise plays a big part, as does diet and lifestyle, as well as attitude and outlook. I made my vision board for 2022 and in big, bold hot pink letters across the top is RADIANT HEALTH. It my way of planting the seed, and every time I read it, I move closer and closer to it.

Radiant health: 1. it’s possible, 2. your actions are stepping stones leading you towards it, and 3. the time is now. Let’s go. 🏆