Basking in Empowered Wellness

I keep hearing people use age as an excuse for lack of mobility, lack of physical fitness, or pain in their bodiy, saying things like, “I’m too old to sit cross-legged on the floor,” or  “Running is out of the question at my age,” or “Everyone in their 50’s has a bad back.”  My message today is don’t blame age. That’s not to say challenges don’t come with age – it’s just that age is unchangeable. Age is what it is – we can’t do anything about it. The clock doesn’t move in reverse. Thus, pointing the finger at age leaves us powerless, and you and I are never ever powerless.

“I’m working towards sitting on the floor” and “I feel my best with walking” and “My back loves extra TLC.” See the difference? I’m keeping my vibe high when it comes to age by watching my thoughts and words, and I encourage you to do so too.

It’s not denial.
It’s not “fighting” to be younger.
It’s basking in empowered wellness, each and every day.