Essential Verses Non-essential

Back in the day, daily exercise was intended for the body – purely for physical fitness. Today, daily exercise, while it is still (obviously) for the body, it is also equally for the mind, for mental fitness. Show me a truly mentally sound person and I guarantee they exercise. It might be formal or informal, but they move their body someway, somehow. Maybe it’s walking around the neighborhood, or maybe it’s a session with a $100/hour trainer. Maybe it’s a laborious construction job or maybe it’s dancing the night away. 

The way I see it, exercise is right up there with reading, writing and arithmetic! Exercise is not an indulgence, or an elective. Exercise is not a hobby. Yet, as we close out 2021, exercise is still treated as such by the masses. 

Exercise is a part of true health protocol. I know most of you reading this know this. You’ve made exercise your lifestyle, and your body and mind thank you for it, everyday. But, you are a rare bird!

As I “people watch” at various places like the grocery store and the post office, I realize most people think exercise is a good idea, but non-essential. Well newsflash – it’s essential. (More essential then the liquor store, I can tell you that much!)

You’ve got anxiety? Move your body. You’re suffering from depression? Move your body. You feel frazzled and unfocused? Move your body. It may not be the total “cure” but it will help you in the short term and in the long term. I’ve said it before and I’ll end this blog post by saying it again….movement is medicine, for the body and the mind. Let’s Move!