Another Tool In Your Toolbox: Mudras

Mudra is a Sanskrit word meaning “gesture.” The most common mudras arehand gestures. Doing the peace sign is a mudra. Waving the hang loose symbol is a mudra. Giving the middle finger is a mudra. You and I have been “mudra-ing” our whole lives without even realizing it. Our hands are extensions of our hearts and a reflection of our mental state, so by placing our hands in intentional ways, we potentially direct attentions and energies in intentional ways as well. 

For many years now, I’ve paid close attention to buddha statues and buddha representations in art. (You’ll be amazed at how often you come upon them!). I especially notice the mudras, and I know they are never random. When Buddha’s hands are:
1. in prayer mudra, it’s meant for prayer and intention setting. 
2. palm facing down while resting on the thighs, it’s meant for grounding and calming. 
3. folded in the lap, it’s for settling in for meditation and generating peace.
4. with one palm up and facing outward at heart height, it’s for offering teachings and insights. 
5. with palms flat and lighting pressing against the heart center, it’s representing gratitude and love.

Isn’t that so interesting? I encourage you to play around with mudras and notice which ones resonate. Mudras are simple tools for enhancing meditation, intention-setting, and yoga practices, and they are the topic of our latest Outside-the-box Fit Tip, now streaming on Let’s Move!. Be sure to check it out!