Feel Good Energy Generating Haven

Deep thought of the day: your workout should make you feel good about yourself. It should make you be proud of your efforts, grateful for your body, and inspired to live a high vibe life. End of story. 

For most of us, our workout is optional. It’s a choice we make. In fact, we often jump though hoops – from hiring a babysitter and navigating traffic to buying the right gear and waking up an hour or two earlier – in order to make that workout happen. And we allocate precious time to our workout. Basically, we give a lot. 

This is precisely why your workout should give back to you in body, mind and spirit. Your workout is for YOU, all of you. Make sure it doesn’t demean or deplete. Your workout is not the place for criticism or comparison. This may be unavoidable at school, at home or at work…places where your well-being is notthe top priority or focus – but your workout? Your workout serves you. It’s 100percent for you. 

I suspect, if more people could see their workout as a feel good energy generating haven, we’d have a lot more people working out on the regular. So keep moving party people, and remember, it’s always your workout. 💕