Workout Hygge

Today is a cold and gloomy spring day, and I just brought a cup of hot tea with me to my mat.

I’m after TLC. My cup of tea, my sheepskin rug, my leg warmers, and my cute yoga mat with my name on it…they are my very own workout hygge. “Hygge” is a Danish word for a quality of coziness that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being. I was craving Hygge, and voilà – my at-home workout is a Hygge opportunity!

You’ve been given the gift of a physical body, and my philosophy is, work with it, not against it. Like a plant, give it all the tender loving care it wants – that’s the ticket to feeling good, looking great and shining bright. Ultimately, Hygge is not just a cozy space and comfy socks – it’s a mindset of nurturing. 

When you have the chance – perhaps on Sundays – be in no rush when you head in to your workout. Start slowly. Maybe simply sit on your mat sipping tea! Breathe mindfully. Stretch a little. Settle into the comfort of your exercise space. Perhaps, this will lead to more vigorous movement…or maybe this time, it won’t. I recommend, on a regular basis, bringing yourself into an embodied state and “dining” on TLC.

You’ll be better for it. You’ll have longevity because of it.