Your Sun is Rising

I probably would not watch NCAA basketball March Madness if not for my husband and son, but with that said, I am enjoying it. I tend to notice things that my family does not pay much attention to, and one of those things is enthusiasm. The players, the coaches and the fan are all so into it. Witnessing such a high level of enthusiasm is exhilarating in and of itself, and I think it is contagious! 

It got me thinking about how enthusiasm for one’s own wellness adventure, and all of its components (movement included!), is a huge advantage. Enthusiasm is fuel, so if you’ve got enthusiasm like those Villanova fans, you’ll move towards your desired outcome more swiftly. Plus, the journey will be more fun. 

So this week, let’s conjure enthusiasm. Instead of dreading your wellness protocol, how about tapping into some March Madness energy and be PUMPED. Yes, I’m on my way. Yes, I’m making it happen. Yes, my dreams are within reach. Yes, yes, yes. I’m in it to win it and it’s thrilling to be alive

Your sun is rising. Let’s go.